Environmental policy


The control of environmental performance and continuous improvement in environmental management are the means for sustainable industrial development in accordance with the needs of all stakeholders.

The main target of Duemmetranciati S.r.l. is :

Continuous compliance with the laws relevant to the business and any other requirements of environmental signed by the company ;
The commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention that may be present in various forms and may involve several aspects , both direct both indirect ;

This means :

Constant availability to internal and external communications on environmental (especially with the availability of this Environmental Policy to the public) ;
Commitment to periodic verification of compliance with environmental laws and requirements ;
Definition periodic (at least during the review of management) of specific environmental objectives and targets for improvement and monitoring them ;
Commitment to regular evaluation by the internal audits , the adequacy of the environmental management system and of this policy Environmental activities and environmental impacts of our business ;
Dissemination of this Policy to all staff through the practical application of the Environmental Management System in relation to the individual assets .
More and more business development (and not only ) must be SUSTAINABLE or ensure the continuous improvement of production performance in combination with the reduction of environmental impacts .

For this reason, environmental protection has become a constant target also of our company policy . We are constantly engaged in research to improve our products and production processes , so that our customers can reap the greatest benefits . But not only . We also pay great attention to the exploitation of existing resources in order to minimize the impact on the environment. It is a dynamic process, characterized by continuous improvements .

First, we motivate our employees and provide them with adequate information so that everyone enjoys an environmental awareness and be able to contribute to a good overall result .

Policies have been introduced in companies such as:

separate collection
energy saving
Judicious use of water

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