In 1946 Mario Villa began his work in the wood industrie. During the post war period everything was very difficult and the production and trade were limited. Despite that, thanks to his determination, the excellent ideas and above all his passion Mario succeeded in imposing his name in the woodmarket and 10 years later he already was the italian leader for the valued and high quality wood veneers.

He based his work on the research of new wood-spices coming from all over the world; in that times it wasn’t easy to travel but thanks to his passion he always finded new spices that were able to innovate the market.



In 1980 his sons succeed him up. The rapid development of international markets changed drastically the way of doing business of the last 30 years; in order to survive in a very competitive market it was necessary to create a new contact network, no longer related to the restricted supply of the Italian veneer market, but open to all the new worldwide possibilities.

For those reasons Duemme Tranciati has become a modern business with very deep roots, that can always keep up with styles.

Despite the fact that the productions are nowadays located all over the world, the warehouse is in Cesano Maderno (Milano), there where everything started.