Our company is specialized in the production of veneers for three generations. Thanks to branched structures all over the world we offer from the most sought-after woods to the most common, always with our quality guarantee. We work directly where nature offers us the best wood, we bring it to our warehouses in Italy and thanks to a highly specialized team we select the material for the needs of the most sophisticated customer. We satisfy local and international companies, both large and small. Quality and passion are the basis of the strength of our company and dictate our choices, whether it be materials to be purchased or services to be provided to the customer. Our production is 100% tailor made: each project is customizable.


  • 1946: Mario Villa begins his work in the world of wood. In the post-war years everything was very difficult, production and trade were very limited. But thanks to his perseverance, to his excellent ideas above all to the incredible passion, Mario was able to impose his name in the wood market and 10 years later he had already become a point of reference in Italy for the most sought-after essences of high quality.
  • Mario based his work on finding new woods from around the world. At that time it was not at all easy to travel, but thanks to his passion he has always been able to find new essences able to keep up with the market every time.
  • The 80s: children take over, the rapid growth of international markets drastically changes the way people work in the last 30 years, to grow in a competitive market it was necessary to create a new network of international contacts.
  • Today: Duemme is a modern company with very deep roots, able to keep pace with new fashions and new styles. Although the productions are now located all over the world, the offices remain in Cesano Maderno (Milan), where everything began
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