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Trade Names: Eucalipto,eucalyptus.
Similar Woods: Anegre.
Origin: Europe
Range: Today, most of the Figured Eucalyptus comes from Spain where this species occurs in the northern part. Also found in Australia and South America, however, for unknown reasons, the figure itself is much less distinct compared to that of the Spanish Eucalyptus.
Figured Eucalyptus did not reach economic significance as veneers until the mid-nineties of the last century.
Uses: In those countries where figured wood is very popular – such as in North America, Asia, Middle East, Great Britain – the Figured Eucalyptus species is used for interior architectural woodwork, exclusive furniture and in ship building for interior design.
Since the end of the nineties, this species is also being used for automotive dashboards.
Properties: In kiln-dried status, Goncalo Alves has a density of apx. 850-960 kg/m3, therefore, it is one of the extra sturdy hardwoods. 

Very decorative , red brown to crimson colour , often spotted with or traversed by wide dark brown

to almost black veins.

Machining: Woodworking presents difficulties due to the hardness of the wood (especially with irregular fiber course ).Ideally , very sharp carbide-tipped tools should be used in order to avoid rapid blunting of the knives.

Pre-drilling before screwing and nailing is recommended .

Seasoning: Drying is quite complicated and must be carried our very slowly and carefully to prevent checking and warping.
Finishing: In general, smooth and clean surfaces can be achieved which impose by their natural gloss.
Jointing: Joints cause problems due to high presence of tylosis.