Trade Names: Cerejeira Crotch
Similar Woods: Figured Oak
Origin: South America
Range: Limited to Argentine and Brazil , particularly in the Amazon basin. Logs as such are unknown in Europe, crotchwood is imported in small quantities, however.
Uses: Architectural woodwork, more popular in the USA than in Europe.
Properties: Difficult to slice . Some rough patches are almost impossible to avoid.
Machining: Due to the interlocking grain machining calls for a slow feed speed.Planed surfaces are slightly rough and have to be sanded down.
Seasoning: The tendency to check is particularly apparent with this species of wood and can only be reduced bycareful drying.
Finishing: It is easy to treat the surface of this wood with all finishes.For external use open pore varnishes are used, for the interior , varnishes and mat finishes are applied.
Jointing: Glue joints hold firmly, screw and nail joints are very durable.