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Trade Names: Louro Faia, Brazilian Silky Oak
Similar Woods: European Lacewood, Australian Lacewood, Indian Silver Oak
Botanical Name:  
Origin: South America
Range: Northern and central parts of South America with main growing area in Brazil. Hardly any literature available on this particularly special species due to the fact of its small importance economy-wise and also due to the many wood species growing in South America.
Uses: High quality architectural woodwork. Popular wood for this purpose in the USA, Australia and Japan.
Properties: Due to distinct and very regular center rays, a highly decorative picture develops when this species is worked up in quartier resembling snakeskin. Colourvaries from deep pink to dark brown, depending on steaming time.
Machining: Brazilian Lacewood is easy to work with all tools.
Seasoning: Highly prone to warping. Must be dried with care.