Trade Names: Ovankgol , Daniela
Similar Woods: Teak
Botanical Name: Guibourtia ethie
Family: Leguminosae
Origin: Ivory coast, Ghana, Southern Nigeria and Gabon.
Uses: Fine furniture and cabinetwork, turnery, decorative veneers, flooring.A walnut like wood.Yields a gum copal used in pharmaceuticals and as a base for varnishes. 
Properties: Heartwood yellow brown to dark brown with gray to almost black stripes; sapwood yellow white, about 4 in wide,clearly demarcated. Texture moderately coarse, grain straight to interlocked; attractive figure, unpleasant odour when freshly cut. 
Machining: Saws slowly but well for its density, works fairly easily with hand and machine tools, planes to a good finish, must be heated before slicing unto veneers.May stain when in contact with metal.